Hi, I'm Onur

I'm an Electric-Electronic Engineer and Front-End Developer. I started to Gaziantep University at 2014 and I graduated with the best project award in 2019. I did a master's degree at Gaziantep University about R&D and Design Engineering.

I've been actively working in the field of front-end development since 2019. I'm passionate about TypeScript, React, Angular, NextJS, SPFx and frontend technologies. My interest in user experience is significant, and I prioritize creating interfaces in every project that users can easily use and enjoy. To achieve this goal, I emphasize creative and logical thinking.

I love being an electrical and electronics engineer -especially electronics- but I think specializing in software will be more enjoyable in the future as it is now. I love looking at the code screen. It reminds me of infinite space that gives me freedom. Also, waiting to be discovered. Other things that interest me are cooking, playing computer games -especially management games-, football. These hobbies help me reduce work-related stress and contribute to my creativity.

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